Travel Checklist

Putting Together a Travel Checklist

When you are set to take a trip you have a lot to think about, particularly if you are headed to a place unknown to you. What can make your life a lot easier when packing and preparing for a trip, particularly an overseas one, is making a travel checklist. In this list you can write down decisions you have made about certain things on the trip and ensure that everything is in order before you go.
While you are busy searching for the best Brisbane airport motels it can become easy to forget some of the other things you should be taking stock of. For a start, you need to decide what you will pack in for your trip. If this trip is going to be an extended one then lugging around a big suitcase might become quite bothersome. If it will be enough, a backpack is ideal as you can keep your hands free, if you don’t like the idea of a backpack then a suitcase on wheels, the smallest you can manage, will be best. No one wants to go on a trip and come down with a nasty local flu or some other bug you may have been able to avoid. First and foremost, you should try and be in the best physical condition you can be before you go, eat well and exercise regularly.
Be informed about your destination. Make sure you know what kind of weather to expect, what the culture is like and what areas to avoid. Even in some of the most wonderful places on earth there can be suburbs and places that the unsavoury inhabit. Money makes the world go round and whilst you are travelling the world you will want to have access to it. Check that your cards will be accepted at your chosen destinations. Have an emergency back up if something goes wrong along the way.
One thing that everyone does on their trip is take photos. Always have back up batteries prepared for your camera and have a memory card or cards big enough to fit your whole trip into in pictures. If you don’t have one already, set up a Skype account. This way if you feel homesick or need to be contacted in an emergency you have ‘direct’ face to face contact with family and friends. Adjust to the new time zone as quickly as you can, you may want to fall in a heap in your Brisbane airport accommodation as soon as you arrive at 7am but it’s best to soldier on. The use of public transport and needing to eat will be unavoidable on your travels. Choosing accommodation that is close to as many modes of public transport possible and a few places to eat out will ensure your trip will be an easier one.
Most of all, enjoy your trip. With the right accommodation you are guaranteed a good nights rest so you can enjoy exploring during the day.